What to wear?!

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After all, I now have so many outfits to choose from!


Pretty soon after joining LB, I finally got my nAshira Gages to complete my nAshira set! I look stunning in red, it really looks great as an offset to my blonde hair.

Then of course, I needed a new outfit for my THF as I continued to level.


Purple factor +1, sluttiness factor +∞!

Of course, the outfit I love most at this time is my now complete Marduk. Thanks so much to everyone with whom I run Salvage! Completed the hands fairly quickly, as I had only needed the Enlil’s piece; then after a couple years of not seeing any Enlil Crackow drops (not that they ran the route that often, I think ;)), we got 3 Enlil Crackows within about  a month, for myself and Kuuhalee and Kotraz. Yay us. :)


Though I am the first of us with a complete set. ;)

Now, every good outfit needs the proper accessories.


So I got this great belt and didn’t know what on earth it would go with.

Until I visited Dynamis-Jeuno and Beaucedine of course, and completed my Koga set. :)


I don’t really care for orange too much, though.

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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

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The game itself is always providing new endings; for god’s sake, we travel back in time now to help with the war that left the land in the state it was in when we started the game. And now with the new scenario, we get to see a peek at a character from the beginning in a mini story.

Which I admittedly haven’t done yet.

I’m providing myself with my own new ending as well.


After returning select items to the linkshell, and saying individual goodbyes, and yes, a little bit of crying (I am female, after all) as I still doubted my decision up to the last moment, I left TeamKANICAN. It was a very very hard decision, after four years in the linkshell. I still remember my first night, just after I’d settled into my place in NYC… joining them at a KB camp and disconnecting repeatedly. Haha… I had JUST gotten BLM75, my second job…

First event was KB… last event was KV.


Perhaps I should leave linkshells more often, if it provides full drops. Heh.

However, I cannot regret my decision. Everyone in TK wished me well, everyone in LB has welcomed me nicely, and for now, I’m happy. :)

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One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.

April 3, 2009 at 8:21 pm | Posted in Mewsings on Life in Vana'diel | 8 Comments


So, in anticipation of the upcoming mini-expansion and update, here I am again.

Though perhaps my post will be of a slightly more weighty tone than has ever been the norm. Looking back, when I honestly didn’t know what to write about, my posts ended up kinda generic. I hate that. I hate those ‘we did this and did this’ because well, everyone does those things, that’s nothing all that exciting to read about. But that’s sort of what I was resigned to a lot, because I just hadn’t been doing anything else.

So this post will be… in two parts. Both with very similar themes, but in different directions of the theme. Essentially, I wish to set some goals for myself that I will have to work and take seriously to attain, because that will actually be something of interest perhaps to chronicle. As a part of that, I need to decide where I best fit in this game anymore.

For my long term personal goal, I figure there are these options:

  • Maat’s Cap, and possibly level SCH in addition as well.
  • Obtain a Yagrush (though deciding on this will have to wait until after the update to see how Esuna works)
  • Obtain a Gjallarhorn or other relic (choices: Amano, Mjollnir, Kikoku)

For more short term goals:

  • Stop being lazy and get a damn Joyeuse
  • Level THF to 75
  • Unlock Nyzul weapon skills
  • Finish Marduk’s gear – possibly by means of having to start a new Salvage group?
  • Finish Nashira (goddamn hands)
  • BAHAMUT’S STAFF (f@#$#%^@$#^%)

Now, going through this list, and in general just wanting to feel needed and busy in the game, brings up the larger concern of.. where exactly can I best meet these goals.

I have been dissatisfied with TK for quite some time, well over 6 months to a year. The NAs lapsed into a sort of laziness, and we did not do any event very often on a regular basis. We ran Salvage at a decent rate for a while, until things blew up in an odd manner around 3 former members (and good riddance). Then we still did ok, but it wasn’t enough for others, so they split off and formed their own group.. inviting essentially everyone in the LS to go with them except for myself and one other player – though she signed on maybe once a week by that time. So that obviously didn’t exactly help my feelings of goodwill towards the LS. It was impossible to get people to do anything for Limbus, frankly because most everyone had everything they’d wanted – since we did a lot more Omegas than Ultimas and I had a lot of bad luck on AF+1 item lots.

A member I was against joining us ended up doing exactly what I said would happen – did everything with us like crazy, to a point where we depended on him, and then quit. That left us short yet another person (nearly 2, as a relative of his didn’t much care to play as often after he left for quite some time).

I got a job outside the house, and Kaeko went to school, and that cut into everything a lot more. I was too tired to log on and try and putter around for an hour waiting for people to decide something to do, which would take 2 hrs, by which point I’d want to be in bed. I pushed for a schedule, which everyone balked against because fireivit apparently ‘never worked’ – which is partly true. But at the same time, we’d all complain we didn’t do things enough in general, and we always are trying to wait for people to be on to do things, and they never would be, etc.

And then event nights started getting more and more… bizarre. People still wanting sea items and ZNM items and whatnot, and we’d be… camping NMs in La Vaule. Einherjar runs would be at like 3 in the morning on Friday/Saturdays. Changes about camps we were told would happen didn’t happen, so that events got pushed in favor of camping Ixion, much to everyone’s frustration.

And then the Salvage bannings…

So that brings us pretty much to now. We’re growing on the JP side, and basically dead on the NA side. Outside of Limbus and Nyzul (although if last night is any testament, I don’t even know if Nyzul is even plausible….), I do not see how I can continue to do much of anything with TK and not want to quit the game every other day. I barely know our newer members, and frankly didn’t really want any new NA members. We are not a shell for NAs anymore, and all it will do is frustrate them because of our lack of doing anything. The reason to join us is… we actually still camp, and if you want an abjuration or something, you have more chances with us since we camp and fight Odin, or if you want a Ridill, etc. I don’t mind camping, although I do hate how invariably I end up having to go to a camp when I really had had my mind set on doing something else, and camping just fell into the 2 hr time frame I had to play on a particular day.

I wasn’t terribly impressed in Nyzul the other night, when we had a mix of horrible luck on floors with poor choices which basically made it very clear that I really can’t ever go as anything but support, be it WHM BRD BLM or RDM, or we’ll fail. The newer members all seem nice enough and all, but it’s going to be a huge learning curve for a very long time to get to a point where we would work as a group the same as 2 yrs ago. If we even ever reach that point.

So I have the option of either… a) working my butt off to try to organize things with Oreo, on his ‘new’ character that I hate talking to him on because it is the character of one of my best best friends ever in this game who decided to move on, and try to get to know the newer members and help get them up to par, try to get into a good working relationship with some members I haven’t always fully agreed with, and try to help motivate everyone when half the time I don’t have motivation anyway, and probably try to look into recruiting and such again as well, or b) leave the LS and join another that is already well established in everything I wish to do, where I do have a number of acquaintances.. but admittedly has its share of issues and problems too, just like any LS.


Well, obviously one is easier than the other. But it doesn’t mean it’s the best choice either.

I was already unhappy before I got involved with the musical I was in recently, which obviously cut into my playtime. I was already looking at possibilities of leaving, but hated the thought of leaving with long time friends like Kaeko and Oreo and Payu and Saku in the shell. With the Salvage bannings, Payu leaving, and Saku up and deciding to just bail and sell her account, I don’t have much of anything holding me in TK, outside of the respect and regard I have for the JP members (and Oreo <3), but even they know and understand that there’s very little we can accomplish anymore on the NA side, and very limited help they can offer. And the fact that it’s essentially been my home for 4 yrs, and it’s hard to leave, and there’s just that bit that’s like “but I don’t WANT to leave.”

I know it seems an ‘obvious’ decision, but I also feel like I’d be shortchanging myself and others by giving up without even TRYING to get things moving for us again. But it has been so frustrating over the past 2 yrs… to start off being one of the first shells to get some of the really coveted gear from, say, Salvage, and happily anticipating when I get my pieces, etc, to then suddenly watching everyone and their brother get all the pieces we all had wanted at a ridiculous pace. Etc etc..

In any case, I guess I’m just thinking some input would be nice. I have gotten some opinions on the long term goals from people; I just feel like I need some more outside input, people that do or do not know me, throwing in a few cents that might help me think a bit more clearly.

So hi again, all, and hope to see you around. :)

And so it goes…

January 31, 2009 at 5:28 pm | Posted in Mewsings on Life in Vana'diel | 1 Comment

Briefly, I would like to address comments on my last post. Nowhere did I say I was defending this that or the other. If you want to go make your snippy comments, go post them on Kaeko’s blog. Despite how it happens, I am allowed to “grieve” for the loss of my companions in this game. The point was not whether they were in the right or the wrong. I was saying goodbye to them, not inviting wimps hiding behind what they think is anonymity to try and pass their judgment on people they obviously know nothing about.

Moving forward.

For some reason, whenever I have taken an extended break from the game, it does seem that without fail, the first thing I shall do when I come back to game is Dynamis. This time around, it was Windurst, and after spending ages making sure I had WHM ready to go, I was asked to come RDM. Go figure. :)dyna-windyNothing major to report, just Windurst. I did get lost like usual at one point after I had needed a potty break. Had a pretty decent amount of drops, so weird to see things people waited and waited and waited for drop like, two or three times in the run. Had a pretty wide array, DNC, SCH, BLU, NIN, DRK, WHM, SMN, etc… really everything but BLM it seems.

Did a few HNM camps as well, we got Aspi on… Thursday? night, and I got myself a pretty:


Hehe. Can go have fun on RDM with Chigoes now and work on that skill. A Body dropped but I didn’t actually pay any attention to who got it, I was kinda very tired.

Last night I did some Nyzul with Fatkat and others from LB, got to go on COR which is about as helpful as BRD when you’re running around like mad, but was nice on the boss, since we got Hydra (was floor 100). No hat drops though. :( Few random weapons on the way up and such, plus on the boss obviously. Mostly I spent the time trying to make sure my macros were set up properly… and find them again.

Then for event time they went to do La Vaule triggers… again. Not quite sure why so fascinated with this, I don’t know when they actually use them all and whatnot. Yuchi asked me to come NIN, which was like… haha, now to try and find and use all my macros on THAT job. Didn’t do too badly once I tweaked a few things, and some of those mobs are kinda fun in that annoying way to deal with. Heh.


Was on this mob I realized why Yuchi wanted me to tank… so everyone could take swings at me when they or I got charmed! :)

Some Nidhogg camping after, but I passed out pretty quickly, so nothing to show there. Think it was just Faf anyway.

All in all, mostly things continue on what was our norm anyway. As it was, I wasn’t doing much in the shell, the NAs were never really around to do much, so this situation doesn’t immediately change much. What now is more of… what do we do to move forward?

I did speak with Yuchi some about the situation. Recruiting is realy the most unappealing thing. So then it’s either try to work within the JP timelines and find outside groups to do… well, pretty much everything, or considering finding another linkshell. And I’ve been considering that possibility since before all this happened. Just now.. I have even less tying me to TK. :/

Right now, I find myself back to the old standby of soloing puddings, back on the wall side where I prefer for some odd reason. My BLM buffer is always suffering, and I can never really seem to pinpoint why. Hehe. :)

Now what.

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As everyone is well aware in the FFXI community, things have been severely shaken up.

I won’t go into long rants about how important the endgame community is or anything, but it is important for it to be stated that endgame is mostly what I have continued to be involved in… when I actually have a computer and can play. Which… after having just gotten mine up and running, it died again, which is why there has been a lack of posts. There wasn’t anything to post. :P

I was called by one of the people I’d consider among my closest friends on Thursday when the bannings hit, and told to sit down. He explained what was going on, as not having any computer access and not really supposed to browse at work, I had absolutely no idea that anything had happened.

I remember laughing, kind of oddly, and honestly, it took me like, at least 5-10 minutes before I even got vaguely curious as to what happened to Ashira. I asked him to check for  me and found my account had been untouched. I am unsure if I received any sort of warning, however, since I can’t log into my mail at all, haven’t been able to for like, 2 yrs.

My group of friends that I did do things with, when I did do things, did find out about this exploit when we lost a member to another shell on another server. He got in touch with us to let us know. Kaeko is a type to be fascinated by that sort of thing, as I am sure everybody knows.

We did use this three or four times in Salvage over a period of three months. We just never ran with any regularity. I can’t even say what drops were gotten, if any. I know one time things were set up wrong, so drops were distributed normally. The last time we went, I was defaulted a pair of Freya Ledelsens for my up and coming COR… at first it was like “oh nifty” but within a week I was of the “good god i will never freakin’ upgrade these things, I still don’t even have any Morrigan what am I even thinking…. and goddammit INVENTORY SPACE” and tossed ’em.

I don’t know that I had much of an opinion of the thing in general, it was a sort of “wtf” deal more than anything, like how the fuck did this work like this haha, and a sort of “neat” deal, but I didn’t really put that much thought into it. Honestly, the last few months I was sorta only half there for anything anyway. You know that mood, you want to do things but shoot down basically everything anytime anyone suggests something to do. I’d been really really frustrated of late in game, and Salvage was about the bottom of my list of things to do.

So as I said, my character was fine, and I’m now using a laptop and back in game and such, while finishing building my new and better computer (part by part.. sucks).

Then I heard that every single person I ran Salvage with those 3-4 times got hit in some way or another. Baffled.

So it’s been a tense 3 days.

I was told they used it in Nyzul once too, and honestly I can’t recall if I was on that run or not, but I -think- I was. Maybe? The only thing we got out of that was a WAR weapon. If it’s the run I think it was, I got two weapons myself, both legitimately distributed. I had just come back to game after a lengthy absence when my HDDs went nuts.

I think I got one of the drops in the run when things weren’t set up right and we just lotted out normally. And then, like I said, I tossed the Freya’s, though not with a good honest intention, just more of a ‘whatever’ moment.

It’s now been the three days, and two of my best friends in this game appear to have been hit with a permanent ban. Kaeko and Oreeooo, my two little Tarus, both great players, very smart, one very versatile and one just too intelligent for his own good… appear to have been permanently banned. And now I am just at a loss. I do not know what I am going to do. They were essentially the two I pretty much wanted to have online and around before I did anything. Oreo just basically kept me sane by agreeing with me about everything, haha, and Kaeko kept me sane by NOT agreeing with me about anything. :)

I suppose we can wait another week, see if they got a ten day or some such, but Kaeko already seems to have made his peace – you can see his blog at http://kanican.livejournal.com.

I know I need to wait it out a few days, especially since I’ve just now been able to get BACK in game myself, but I feel a little lost.

I’ve tried to rationalize and figure out why them, not me, why this, why that… one person who came with us only once got at least a temp also but got nothing from the runs. Kaeko collected Alexandrite in hopes for a Mythic, Oreo got a drop, but so did I even though I tossed it… I think the other only got the random weapon in Nyzul… it makes no sense, there’s no rhyme or reason here. I don’t mind the punishment, I understand it, but consistency would have been nice. As it is, I’m not sure what point there will be for me to stay.


Goodbye, my friends. <3

Back to the usual.

November 8, 2008 at 9:39 am | Posted in Mewsings on Life in Vana'diel | 6 Comments


So I managed to get my computer up and… limping and have returned to game. Thank goodness, because I was spending waaaaay too much money on books to keep myself occupied.

First thing I tried to do when I signed in was make macros. So far I’ve gotten BLM and BRD done, and those two took like, nearly 3 hrs. And I even forgot stuff. -.-

The WHM macros will be a pain, I just know it. :(

I was back on… hm, Monday night, that was macro night. Wednesday came around and we had Dynamis-Windurst (for which I was late… I was tired >.>). I went as BLM to make sure macros were good… I’d forgotten Drain and Aspir, and forgot to actually put my nuking gear in everyting but Thunder IV. I know I have the wrong enfeebling gear tag in a macro also, but as if I remember which spell it is now to go fix it. ;)

I (lol) got another pair of Cleric’s Duckbills in this Windy run, though; I did toss my extra Cap, but figure that’s easy enough to get, and I can prio the mitts in Xarc since I have all my other Xarc pieces and like, no one wants them.. then I can store the NQ set and that will actually open up like 3 slots for me. If I eventually am able to upgrade another piece (preferably legs!) from Tav, then I’d just go back to leave them in the mog house.

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October 17, 2008 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Mewsings on Life in Vana'diel | 5 Comments

Well, computers really don’t make that noise exactly, but they may as well.

My computer has expired, so it shall be some time before I return to game and to blog, etc. I can’t even check my regular email because everything is blocked at my new job… only able to post now because I was able to steal a moment on someone else’s computer in the house, and the computer’s been dead for over a week already.

Don’t miss me too much. :)

Remember this pic from the last blog?

October 2, 2008 at 12:38 am | Posted in Mewsings on Life in Vana'diel | 3 Comments

To mark my having completed four sets of AF.

I have a new pic to add to it now!

Full RDM AF2.

I think I did predict once that I would finish RDM before NIN, lol. :D Still short Koga body and feet.. thank god I did not end up somehow getting RDM hat before Koga Tekko. ;)

What’s more, I won with a 423. ._.; I obviously thought I had no chance.

Furthmore, I must thank the LS that jacked Dynamis-Jeuno and my chance for Koga Kyahan from us tonight. If not for them, we wouldn’t have gone to Tavnazia and gotten the 2 COR hats and the RDM hat. As well as other not worth mentioning stuff. ;)

So Auronku got his COR Tricorne tonight, yeah, so I don’t feel so bad having won the other in Xarc. :)

And in Beaucedine Sunday, I opted to take full advantage of my super Haste now that I have full Blessed +1 (well, outside Briault) and melee. Well, not really. People were just charmed, and I was bored so I decided to beat on the NM instead of anything else. :)

Oh, and I got the COR AF2 body. ;)

Just the hands and legs now for another 5/5. Which first, COR or NIN?! Or SAM? SAM just needs feet and body too, heh. Then of course, all the matching belts. :)

Otherwise, it’s been a bit of an odd week for me. Adjusting to new schedule and dealing with all this LS applicant stuff, which is just an entirely different way of finding members for us. So it just feels a little weird.

Deleved on BRD and BLM a little more! Got them slightly decent buffers now in campaign, though, so hopefully it’ll last a while. Really need to get out and just EXP and maybe just cap them again. Like I did you know, 2 yrs ago.

And still need sooooo many merits. ._.;

TeamKANICAN is taking applications.

September 26, 2008 at 7:44 pm | Posted in Mewsings on Life in Vana'diel | 9 Comments

Pretty short post today. Mostly just this announcement:

If you’re interested in joining my linkshell, or just joining us for Dynamis/Einherjar, go to http://teamkanican.freeforums.org.

So yeah, that’s the “interesting” news I mentioned last update. :)

In other random bits, last week Odin actually had “Splitting Heirs” available as a campaign op, as San d’Oria had taken over La Vaule. It was found that this is where Witch Sash and varying grips and such come from. I went with some friends to try it…

It was.. interesting. And I was 74BRD before we went in. ;)

We didn’t win, but there are a lot of Witch’s Sashes around now. ;)

We also did a Bomb Queen run for Dio, myself, and Senrez on… Tuesday? I think. :) I finally got my ring!!

I’m now over 1500something HP for Devotion! :)

While we were in Ifrit’s Cauldron, we killed a few other things, too. :)

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So what happened in the last two months?

September 20, 2008 at 3:25 pm | Posted in Mewsings on Life in Vana'diel | 4 Comments


…not much.

Just had a major LS team up to take down Absolute Virtue 18 times or something.. or was it 15? I really don’t remember.

Yes, that’s me, naked from a delevel. ;)

This actually only happened, what, three times, wipes. Overall we did very well.

That’s just one of our drops. In total, TK got three Ninurta’s Sashes, three Aureoles, no Futsunos, and I lost track of the non-100% ring counts.

I myself got a Mars’ Ring from the runs. :) If we had gotten *one* more sash, I would have had a -slight- chance at it, but it would have had so many variables that basically I wouldn’t have been so lucky. ;)

All in all, though, much thanks to LB and BBQ, I think we really did a great thing here, and perhaps in the future we’ll tackle Pandemonium Warden. We’ve tossed the idea around a little. :)

Spleen: How many naked COR mithra does it take to something a something?

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